Japanese Traditional Garden Tree


chabohiba_miki.jpgProcess of Kyokkan Technique
Nikko Hiba (Plumosa Aurea in English name) is used as the stock which is necessary to produce fine work. Good and raw Chabohiba is grafted together on the stock. 10 to 15 years later, when the wood grows to 4 to 5 meter height, unnecessary branches are trimmed off. (1)
These operations were taken place during winter which is because the tree sucks less moisture than other seasons. The heart of the tree removed by special chisel, which means only bark, cambium, and xylem are left after this. (2)
The tubed wood is wrapped up by straws and bound around by strong straw ropes. (3) Twisted by three people, curving design is given at 3 or 4 points of the body. (4) (5) (6)
The height of final work becomes two third to its sapling. Finally after he cracked body grows and heals during about 10 years trimming and tending, the Kyokkan Technique is completed.